The Liangzhu New Town is situated 20km northwest of Hangzhou City, of Zhejiang Province of the People’s Republic of China. It is overall title of a private company development for a residential project. The project covers a total area of about 667 hectares, which half is nature and other half is development site, estimated household capacity of 15,000 after completion of construction, a total occupancy of 30,000 to 40,000 people. The development of this residential project has the following features.
The first is, privately invested museum, church, school, Garbage Classification Promotion & Education Center, Community Cafeteria, Community Farm, courier service and other living amenities are constructed along with the construction of residential areas. Most private sector developments often focus on the development of residential apartments with least non-residential investment and push the responsibility of the construction of public facilities to the municipal government. However, both Nandu, the original developer of the village and later Vanke, have actively invested in the construction of public facility for the village. This is a fine example of the strong sense of responsibility the developer holds for the future of the community.
The other feature is the forming of the Villagers’ Convention. The village residents selected 26 articles to form the convention through surveying each member of the community. The articles are not imperative but act as guidance for appropriate behavior. This matter was proposed by the residents themselves and sought through by the management team.
This is not the first project that has constructed public facilities and behavior guidance, but this project stood out because the private developer was able to notice the importance of both aspects and work with the residents. This is a special edition made explicitly for the introduction of the Liangzhu New Town. (editor)
Interview: Creating Communities with Hard and Soft Infrastructures  Wang Shi
Liangzhu New Town Memorabilia
Concept and Analysis of the Land
Map of Liangzhu New Town
Living in Liangzhu New Town: Public Facilities
Contents of the Villagers’ Convention
Village’s infrastructure system
Staff and Volunteers Interviews
Resident Interview_01  Zhang Xinyu
Festival Place  Zhang Lei/Nanjing University Qi Xin/BJJAG Liu Yichun/Atelier Deshaus Shanghai
Festival Place Commercial Zone
Community Cafeteria and Liangzhu Food Street
Uniu Market
Garbage Classification Promotion & Education Center  Zhejiang Industrial Design Academy
Natural Landscape
Where I live in a Dream ── Living in Liangzhu New Town
Meilizhou Church  Tsushima Design Studio
Liangzhu Museum  David Chipperfield Architects
Hangzhou Anijilu Liangzhu Experimental School  School of Architecture & Design, Zhejiang University
NARADA Resort & Spa Liangzhu  School of Architecture & Design, Zhejiang University
Living in Liangzhu New Town: Housings
Bamboo Forest Valley  School of Architecture & Design, Zhejiang University
Sunlight Vista  School of Architecture & Design, Zhejiang University
Resident Interview_02  Zhu Lirong Wang Chen
Heronshire Residential District
Heronshire North  School of Architecture & Design, Zhejiang University
Resident Interview_03  Chen Bohua
Heronshire East  David Chipperfield Architects
Heronshire West  Shanghai Zf Architectural Design Co., Ltd
Heronshire South phase Ⅰ  Ehrenkrantz Eckstut and Kuhn Architects
Resident Interview_04  Shen Yong
Chunmanli Daxiang Architecture planning & Design (Hangzhou) Co.,Ltd.
Flower Rain Meadows (west)  Shanghai Tianhua Architecture
Future Projects