Thesis 001|Shuzo Murakami The Global Environmental Problem and the Development of Low-Carbon Buildings and CitiesThe Last 50 Years and the Next 50 Years
Thesis 002|Botond Bognar A Global VisionNikken Sekkeis Longstanding Commitment to Ecological Architecture
Kyoto State Guest House
POLA Museum of Art
Izumi Garden
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
Islamic Development Bank Headquarters
Amami Hospital
JAXA Tsukuba Space Center, Headquarters Building
China Beijing TV Station
Seto City Shinanodai Elementary School
Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
Osaka Bar Association Building
Mokuzai Kaikan
Sonys Osaki new building Project
Cool City
National Museum of History in Vietnam
The Environmental Design Competition
Column 001|Ryoichi Yamamoto Architecture that Embodies an Environmental Civilization
Column 002|Christoph Ingenhoven Creativity of Nikken Sekkei that Pursues Sustainable Design
Column 003|Mark D. Levine Sustainable Architecture and Low-Energy Use in Non-Residential
BuildingsHow can they be made strongly mutually supportive?
LIGHT|Koichi Kaiho Lighting Design in the Age of Sustainability
Mirror Duct System Top Lights and High Side Lights Natural and Artificial Lighting BIM
HEAT|Yuichiro Kodama Heat Flow Design
Eco-Walls Thermal Oil Damper External Venetian Blind Exterior Thermal Insulation, Radiant Heating and Cooling
WIND|Shin-ichi Tanabe Utilizing Wind in Sustainable Design
Double Skin Natural Ventilation Fluid Dynamics for Architectural Design
WATER|Kazuhiro Otaka Confronting Water Shortages Globally
Water Terrace Use of Groundwater Conservation of the Ecosystem
EARTH|Hiroshi Yoshino Architecture and the Utility of the Earth
Urban Greenery Rooftop Greenery In-ground Buildings Utilizing the Heat of the Earth
CITY|Fumio Nohara Weaving a New Urban Fabric
Continuity of Greenery Wind Paths Area Management Urban Waterside Scenery
Green Building History of Nikken Sekkei
Skin Design
The Environmental Architecture of Nikken SekkeiDesign Values Transmitted Down in Our Corporate DNA|Ryo Togashi
Thesis 003|Katashi Matsunawa Towards the Realization of ZEBs
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