SHINKENCHIKU 2016:02 Special Issue
008 ARTICLE | Beyond Boundaries – Designing Machi with Diversity and Coherency  Jun Mitsui
Chapter 1 Place Making
024 Machi in harmony with nature
028 Machi that reflect their identities
034 Machi that integrate with their historical contexts
040 Landscapes etched into people's memories
042 COLUMN | Designing "landscape clusters" and individual buildings
044 New landscapes for city life
046 Creating community with streets and plazas
058 Façades that adorn Machi
062 Inheriting the legacy of Machi
064 Machi teeming with energy
074 COLUMN | The secret to creating alluring Machi lies in designing the link
between outdoor spaces and architecture
076 Machi for traveler hospitality
080 Shikake that draw the bustle of Machi into buildings
086 Like scenes from a painting
088 Spaces that give shape to thoughts
092 COLUMN | Creating spaces that appeal to the five senses through modest Shikake
Chapter 2 Origins of the Design
096 DIALOGUE | Inheriting an architectural philosophy  Cesar Pelli × Jun Mitsui
110 DIALOGUE | Learning and Teaching Architecture  Koichi Yasuda × Jun Mitsui
Chapter 3 Design Approach
118 The Architect's Changing Role: Specialization, Compartmentalization, a Broader Domain
122 The Project Services that JMA/PCPAJ Provide
124 Designing Machi / Creating Machi based architecture design
134 Master Plan Based Urban Design
146 The Architect's Design Bible: the Design Development Document
150 The Art of Collaborative Creation: Communication, Presentation, Collaboration
158 CLIENT VOICE | Reaching Our Goals through the Power of Design
Julia Chang (Continental Development Corporation)
Chapter 4 Work
STAFF TALK | Creating architectural designs for JMA/PCPAJ
164 Airport
168 Office
172 Commercial
174 Regional Public Facility
178 Educational Facility
180 Museum
182 Residential
186 Omotenashi Space
188 Overseas project
Chapter 5 Future
192 DIALOGUE |The Role of the Architects in the World and in Japan Fred W. Clarke × Jun Mitsui
198 DIALOGUE | A new cityscape: the intersection of public, private, and educational spheres
Atsushi Deguchi × Jun Mitsui
202 DISCUSSION | Cabinet of Ideas for Expressing Values
Young Architects × Jun Mitsui
208 Project index
214 Credits
221 Collaboration with Corporations