This is the May 2019 issue of Jutakutokushu, a "special housing" periodical that examines the intersection of architectural design and day-to-day living. Every issue introduces ten or more houses with beautiful photography and detailed architectural drawings. Please note, this issue is only available in Japanese. 

Featured Interview

There is Hope in the Age of Ruins: The Town and Dwellings that Look Back on Heisei Society and Culture
Miura Exhibition
Interviewer: Naruse Yuri 
Love2 House
Takeshi Hosaka Design Office 
Furusawa House
Furusawa Daisuke Laboratory 
The House of the Layer 
Makoto Takei + Chie Nabeshima / TNA 
Home to Go #001
Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects 
Interval House 
Furuya Design Office 
Tenroku Matya 
Setsuko Sakakibara  
Omiya Penthouse 
Hitoshi Wakamatsu Architect + Associates 
House on the Slope
Kurabayashi Architects 
Two Slopes
Takanori Kagawa + Junko Kishigami / SPACESPACE
Former Ochaya 
Uotani Building Research Institute of Kashihara 
House for Living in a Park
Shuhei Goto Architects 
Acquired Stilt House
Ryutaro Saito / DOG
Carve House 
Torao + Hsieh Architects  
Oyamadai House 
Moth House
Michimasa Kawaguchi Architect & Associates 
KOMADA Architects Office