JA93 SPRING, 2014
Complete Works in Original Publications
The Whereabouts of Metalanguage Architecture –– Revisitation "House is Art"
Shin-ichi Okuyama
House in Kugayama
Tanikawa House
House in Kugayama No. 2
House in Komae
House in Chigasaki
Umbrella House
House with a Big Roof
House with an Earthen Floor
House in White
House of Earth
Yamashiro House
Suzusho House
North House in Hanayama
South House in Hanayama
The Uncompleted House
Shino House
Cubic Forest
Repeating Crevice
Sea Stairway
Sky Rectangle
House in Seijo
House in Higashi-Tamagawa
House in Kugahara
Prism House
Tanikawa House
House in Uehara
House in Hanayama No. 3
House in Ashitaka
House on a Curved Road
House in Karuizawa
House in Itoshima
House in Hanayama No. 4
House under High-Voltage Lines
Ukiyo-e Museum
Higashi-Tamagawa Complex
House in Yokohama
Centennial Hall, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Clinic in Hanayama
Hanegi Complex
Tenmei House
K2 Building
Kumamoto-Kita Police Station
DOM Headquarters /Köln
Goto House Project
The Second National Theater
Repeating Crevice Annex Project
Euralille Hotel Project
Agadir Convention Center
Uncompleted House Annex Project
Ukiyo-e Museum Annex Project
Helsinki Contemporary Art Museum
Paris: Circus on Seine
Project for Hamburg Urban Vision
Yokohama International Port Terminal
House in Tateshina Project