This issue is about contextualism and Algorithms between architecture and cities. These architects are observing cities with severe vision and create unique algorithmic method or utilize algorithmic method for threir architectural design process. Their challenge will show us another possibility of architecture itself.
Considering the City and Architecture
from the Perspective of Contextualism and Algorithms
Yoshiharu TsukamotoAkihisa Hirata
Akihisa Hirata
Atelier Bow-Wow
Toyo Ito
Algorithms Are Nothing More Than an Opportunity
to Create Architecture that Respires
Hiroshi Hara
Kazuhiro Kojima
Sou Fujimoto
Hiroya Tanaka
Tomohiro Tachi
Hitoshi Abe
Ryuji Fujimura
Koji Tsutsui
The HTA Association
Shohei Matsukawa
Yuusuke Karasawa