The sixth edition of series 'SPACE IN DETAIL' features 9 works of 7 architects. JA shows how the architect think about Details, Spaces, and its relationship with full of detail drawing and newly taken photos.
The Tokyo Club
Taniguchi and Associates
Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects + Taisei Corporation Design Division
Jeju, Three Art Museums Wind
Jeju, Three Art Museums Stone
Jeju, Three Art Museums Water
Jun Itami Architect a Research Institute
Ginza Kyubey Annex
Takao Habuka & S.E.N. Architect Associates
House in Kurakuen
House in Senri N.T.
CASA Akira Sakamoto Architects & Associates
House in Asagaya-minami
Koji Ogawa Architect and Associates
Tokyo Small House with the Sun
Satoshi Irei Architect & Associates