The revolution in thought and feeling that gave rise to modernity
transformed not only the form and space of our buildings,
but their mood and atmosphere as well,manifesting a new sensibility for light as well as a fresh understanding of people as metaphysical beings.

Architects and Works 1902-1979

Frank Lloyd Wright
Dona House(1902)
Unity Temple(1906)
Johnson Wax Building(1936)
Beth Sholom Synagogue(1954)
Rudolph Schindler
Buck House(1934)
Philip Johnson
Glass House(1949)
Lloyd Wright
Wayfarer's Chapel(1951)
Eero Saarinen
MIT Kresge Chapel(1955)
Kramer Chapel(1958)
North Christian Church(1962)
Deere & Company Headquarters(1963)
Skidmore,Owings & Merrill
Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library(1963)
Joseph Esherick
Romano House(1970)
Pietro Belluschi
St.Mary's Cathedral(1971)
Louis Kahn
Salk Institute(1965)
First Unitarian Church(1967)
Kimbell Art Museum(1972)
Yale Center for British Art(1974)
Arthur Erickson
Museum of Anthropology(1976)
Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Hill House(1974)
Antonio Gaudi
Casa Batll(1906)
Lluis Moncunill
Aymerich & Amat Factory(1907)
Carlo Scarpe
Olivetti Showroom(1958)
Auguste Perret
Notre Dame du Raincy(1923)
Le Corbusier
Maison La Rocha(1923)
Chapel of Notre Dame du Haut(1955)
Monastery of Sainte-Marie-de-la-Tourette(1959)
Rudolf Steiner
Franz Fueg
Catholic Church(1966)
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Farnsworth House(1950)
Aldo van Eyck
Roman Catholic Church(1969)
Herman Hertzberger
Centraal Beheer(1972)
Arne Jacobsen
Aarhus City Hall(1941)
Jrgen Bo & Vilhelm Wohlert
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art(1958)
Jrn Utzon
Can Lis,Porto Petro(1972)
Bagsvrd Church(1975)
Inger & Johannes Exner
Islev Church(1970)
Gug Church(1972)
Gunnar Asplund
woodland Chapel & Crematorium(1920,1940)
Stockholm City Library(1928)
Gteborg Low Courts(1937)
Peter Celsing
Hrlanda Church(1958)
Bank of Sweden(1976)
Sigurd Lewerentz
Resurrection Chapel(1925)
Chapels of St.Gertrud and St.Knut(1943)
Church of St.Peter(1966)
Kjell Lund & Nils Slaatto
St.Hallvard Church(1966)
Sverre Fehn
Archbishopric Museum(1979)
Erik Bryggman
Resurrection Chapel(1940)
Alvar Aalto
Villa Mairea(1941)
Syntsalo Town Hall(1952)
National Pensions Institute(1956)
Vuoksenniska Church(1959)
Nordjyllands Art Museum(1973)
Kaija & Heikki Siren
Student Chapel(1957)
Aarno Ruusuvuori
Tapiola Church(1965)
Timo & Tuomo Suomalainen
Temppeliaukio Church(1969)
Reima Pietil
Kaleva Church(1966)

A New Conception of Light:The Modern Light of the Twentieth Century