a+u June 2017 Special issue

KPF Innovation
Essay: The structure of KPF
James von Klemperer
Office Structure: KPF Design KPF Evolution KPF Management
Interview: From establishment to today, and to the future
A. Eugene Kohn, William Pedersen
Office policy: Around the World Typologies Highrise Building
Chapter 1: Americas
Hudson Yards
Interview: The development landscape in New York City
Jay Cross
One Vanderbilt
390 Madison
Realogy Headquarters
Petersen Automotive Museum
McCord Hall, W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU
Infinity Tower
Chapter 2: Europe, Middle East
Sixty London
Unilever House
Floral Court and Carriage Hall
Abu Dhabi International Airport Midfield Terminal
Chapter 3: Asia
The Otemachi Tower
Jing An Kerry Centre
Hysan Place
Riverside 66
Harbin Bank Headquarters
Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho
Round-table talk: Next generation of KPF
Robert C. Whitlock, Ko Makabe, Marianne Kwok, Trent Tesch,
James von Klemperer
Interview: Greater densification of the city
Paul Katz
KPF Contributors