Face to Face With Nature
– Cities, Architecture, People

Actions of the Nikken Group After the 3.11 Earthquake

Overview of the Great East Japan Earthquake

Urban Regeneration and the Lessons of the Great East Japan Earthquake
Kenji Fujiwara (Deputy Director, Regional Revitalization Bureau, Cabinet Secretariat)

After the Earthquake – Expanding the Conceptual Domains of Urbanism and Architecture
Hidetsugu Kobayashi (Chairman of Japan Society of Urban and Regional Planners)

Will 21st Century Architecture Survive?
Akira Wada (President of the Architectural Institute of Japan)

Disaster Prevention Through Urban Development in Tokyo After the 3.11 Earthquake
Makoto Onishi (Advisor, Urban Renaissance Agency, Former 

Director General of East Japan Urban
Renaissance Office)

Could the Dutch approach make a difference in Tohoku?
Philip De Heer (Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
to Japan)

Actions of the Nikken Group After the 3.11 Earthquake
Essay: Disaster Prevention and Nature in Japan
Masatoshi An (Nikken Sekkei, Executive Vice President)

Tsunami Preparedness

Liquefaction Preparedness

Toward Safety in Urban Cores

Preventing Flooding of Urban Underground Spaces

Toward Sustainable Urban Development

Creating a Vision for the World’s Future: Kashiwanoha Smart City

Essay: Toward Tomorrow
Kiyoshi Sakurai (Nikken Sekkei, Vice President)

Earthquake Distribution Map for the World

NS Wave: Simmulated Earthquake Ground Motion for 
Structural Design

Project Simulated with NS Wave: Tokyo Skytree®

Towards Comprehensive Safety

Sharing Architectural Information with Customers “NSi2”

Japanese Red Cross Ishinomaki Hospital

Essay: Beginnings and Continuities of Support Activities
Tomohiko Yamanashi (Nikken Sekkei, Executive Officer, Chief Architect)

5th Environmental Design Competition: Recovery Vision

Volunteer Group:
Evacuation, Terrain, Time, Map – Toward a Notation of the City in the Era of Contraction

Activities of Nikken Sekkei after the earthquake

Keiichi Okamoto (Nikken Sekkei President and CEO)