a+u Asia Edition 2016:05
Urban Regeneration,
Emerging Movement within Shanghai
1 The Outline of Shanghai
10 What Kind of City is Shanghai? 
24 Shanghai Aims at “Urban Regeneration”
Essay 1: The Urban Regeneration in Shanghai
Zheng Shiling
Essay 2: Thoughts on the Urban Regeneration Issues and
Transformation of Land Use Patterns in Shanghai
He Fang
Essay 3: A Recipe for Tokyo’s Urban Regeneration
Takayuki Kishii
Essay 4: New York City: A Look at Urban Regeneration 
Through Recent Projects
Jill N. Lerner
2 Challenges of Shanghai: The Trajectory of China Fortune Properties Group 
[Departure from an Industrial-led Economy]
55 Expansion into Real Estate and the Background
Behind It
Interview: Practitioners of Urban Regeneration
Mao Chen
62 Looking Towards the Surroundings and the City
64 Envisioning the Future of China Fortune Properties Group’s Own Land and City
70 A Vision and Mission for Making the City
Statement: Regeneration, Quality, Wisdom, Sharing
Cao Yu
[Implementation in the Home Grounds of the Caohejing Area]
81 Next-generation Commercial Office Buildings
Contribution: Sharing New Vision of the Office Building
102 Changing the Urban Environment 
Through Symbiosis with Nature
Contribution: A Development Idea of Natural, Open and Balance
Zhu Xiaofeng / Scenic Architecture Office
116 Fine Management to Successfully Drive the
Essay: Idea, Innovation and Management
Shen Bing
120 Embodying the Significance of Green Space for the City
Contribution: Demanding Higher Quality Office Space
128 Contributing to the Surroundings 
by Opening the Landscape
Contribution: What Investment into the Architectural Quality of the Project will Lead to
Jacques Ferrier Architecture
146 Social Contribution Using the Network 
with Architects
148 Integrated Development Across Several Sites
154 Proposing a New Style of Working
[Application and Development in Other Sites]
163 Thinking about Behavior Towards the Surroundings
168 Complementing to a Landscape 
that is Representative of Shanghai
174 How to Build High-density Volumes 
that Coexist with the Surroundings 
Contribution: “Human Centered” Philosophy
Shogo Onodera/SANAA
180 Organizing the Whole Environment 
Through Building Placement
182 Proposing Buildings Matching the Developing 
Contribution: Pursuing the Spiritual Pleasure of Users
Liu Yuyang / Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects
3 The Vision of China Fortune Properties Group and the Future of Shanghai
192 Planning Different Applications in One Area
197 New Initiatives to Change the Development of Shanghai
Essay: Innovative Development Model for 
Urban Regeneration Planning 
Jia Cong