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Singapore Sports Hub
6 Interview: The Prospects and Challenges of Singapore Entailed in the Construction of the Sports Hub
Oon Jin Teik
1 The Goals of the Singapore Sports Hub
21 01 Sports Participation and Recreational Physical Activities in Singapore
24 02 Types and Distribution of Domestic Sporting Facilities
26 03 International Sports Events and Economic Growth
28 04 The Plan to Inculcate a Sporting Culture in Singapore
30 04-A Detail: Multi-use Sports Hub Attracting Visitors with a Multitude of Uses
32 05 Location and Scale of the Sports Hub Site
34 Column: The Former National Stadium in Kallang
36 06 The Site Context
41 07 Determining the Proper Scale for the Facility
42 08 Organizing the PPP
43 09 Project Milestones
46 Roundtable: Perspectives from the Design Team
Andrew Henry, Clive Lewis, Jonathan Rose, Karen Tham, Mike King, Seah Chee Huang, Teoh Hai Pin
2 The Planning and Design Objectives
53 01 Connection to the City Centre
62 02 Connecting with the Surrounding Landscape
66 02-A Connecting with the Surroundings: Landscape Design
68 02-B Connecting with the Surroundings: Waterfront Planning
70 02-C Connecting with the Surroundings: Providing Texture
74 03 Configuration of the Facilities
76 04 National Stadium
82 04-A Detail: The Iconic Dome Envelope
88 04-B Detail: Movable Seating for Diverse Events
91 04-C Detail: The Thermal Environment
92 05 OCBC Arena & Aquatic Centre
96 06 Singapore Indoor Stadium
98 07 100PLUS Sports Promenade: Public Space Connected with the City
102 08 OCBC Square: Making Use of the City-scale Space
106 Column: Scheduling and Project Management
3 Making the Sports Hub a People-centric Space
109 01 Using the Sports Hub for Events
114 02 Stadium Layouts for a Range of Events
116 03 Event Operations
119 04 Using the Sports Hub During Non-Event Days
124 05 The Future of the Sports Hub
126 Company Profiles/Credits