a+u April 2016 Special Issue
Sigurd Lewerentz – Drawing Collection 1+2
Sigurd Lewerentz – Drawing Collection 1
Essay: Continuity, Search and Research
Four Projects by Sigurd Lewerentz
Wilfried Wang
Malmö Eastern Cemetery
Competition and Development of Site Layout
Landscape Proposals: Memorial Space (Minneslund)
St. Brigitta Chapel and Waiting Room
Ancillary Buildings
Crematorium Chapels
St. Knut and St. Gertrud Chapels
Clock Tower
Flower Shop
Essay: Notes on Sigurd Lewerentz
Janne Ahlin
Social Security Institute
Facade and Plan Development
Staircase and Metalwork Details
Essay: The Reception of Lewerentz’s Work
Claes Caldenby
Sigurd Lewerentz – Drawing Collection 2
Essay: The discovery of built essence as the real act of invention 
Wilfried Wang
Villa Edstrand 
1. Preliminary Designs 
Version 1 
Version 2 
Version 3 
Version 4 
Version 5 
Version 6
Version 7 
Version 8: 9 September 1935 
Version 9 
Version 10: 13 June 1936 
2. Final Design 
Villa Edstrand Extension 
Variation 1: 15 October 1961 
Variation 2: 30 November 1961 
Variation 3: 12 December 1961 
Variation 4: 8 April 1962 126
Variation 5: 20 September 1962 
Essay: The Persian wall 
Johan Mårtelius
St. Petri Church 
Final Design 
Parish hall, parish offices, council chamber, catechism rooms 
Lightwells, light fittings 
Floor pattern schema for nave 
Baptismal font, acoustic chamber, water spout, frame for shell 
Brick details, floor details 
Door and window frames 
Seats, benches