NBBJ – Creating Community
Introduction: What’s Next 
Clifford Pearson
Roundtable: What We Care About 
Steve McConnell, Jonathan Ward,
Alyson Erwin, Nate Holland, Vivian Ngo
Amazon in the Regrade 
The Spheres, Doppler and Meeting Center, Day One 
Client Interview: John Schoettler 
Interviewer: John Savo, Dale Alberda
REI at the Spring District 
Columbus Metropolitan Library, Northside Branch 
Client Interview: Alison Circle 
Interviewer: Mike Suriano
Meridian Center for Health 
Essay: Escaping Good Design 
Shannon Nichol
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 
Samsung America Headquarters 
Client Interview: Jim Elliott 
Interviewer: Jonathan Ward
Ant Financial Z Space 
Essay: They’re Alive! Skyscrapers that Breathe, Evolve, and (Maybe
Even) Move 
Clifford Pearson
Tencent Seafront Towers 
Client Interview: Chao (Ivan) Wan 
Interviewer: Wei Hu
Rainier Square 
The Realm and Great Room, Taikoo Place 
Essay: New Methods, New Results 
Phil Bernstein
Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center 
Seattle City Light, Denny Substation 
Essay: The Re-Socialization of Patient Care 
Richard Dallam, Ryan Hullinger
Massachusetts General Hospital, Lunder Building 
Client Interview: Jean Elrick 
Interviewer: Joan Saba, Jay Siebenmorgen
New General Hospital 
Essay: The Distance Between a Neuron and a Building 
John J. Medina