Feature: Vann Molyvann 1926–2017
Introduction Masaaki Iwamoto
Paris, 1946–1955 
Essay on Khmer Culture (Paris, France 1949) 
Vann Molyvann
Dojo in Cambodia - Diploma Project 
Vann Molyvann in Paris: Or, How a Mediator between the Modern and Tradition
was Born 
Masaaki Iwamoto
Works at Ministry of Public Works, 1956–1964
Chatomuk Conference Hall 
Independence Monument 
Parliament Project 
State Reception Hall 
Front du Bassac – Master Plan for Bassac Riverfront 
National Sports Complex 
On the Rigid Compositional Disciplines 
Masaaki Iwamoto
Works at Vann Molyvann’s Office, 1965–1971 
One Hundred Houses – Staff Housing for National Bank 
Vann Molyvann Residence 
State Palace 
Buildings for National Bank Sihanoukville Branch 
SKD Brewery 
Teacher Training College 
Contemporary Architecture in Cambodia: The Legacy of Vann Molyvann’s Work 
Lisa Ros
After the Civil War, 1991–2017 
Parliament at Bassac Riverfront 
Master Plan for Siem Reap 
Plan for Greater Phnom Penh 
Central Market Extension 
Placing the Vann Molyvann Project in the Contemporary Context of Cambodia 
Pen Sereypagna
Project List