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Vo Trong Nghia Architects
Statement: What Can Architects Do in an Age When Nature Is Being
Destroyed by Human Acquisitiveness?
Vo Trong Nghia
Essay: The Meaning of Creating Architecture in Vietnam
Pham Thuy Loan
Wind and Water Cafe
Wind and Water Bar
Bamboo Wing
Dailai Conference Hall
Kontum Indochine Cafe
Son La Restaurant
Diamond Island Community Center
Sen Village Community Center
Naman Retreat
Bamboo Forest
Column: The Steel of the 21st Century: Bamboo
Takashi Niwa
Essay: Of Regionalism Past and a Sustainable Future:
A Perspective on Vo Trong Nghia Architects
Nirmal Kishnani
Green Renovation 2
Stacking Green
House for Trees
Farming Kindergarten
Stone House
Binh Thanh House
Nanoco – Panasonic Lighting Showroom
Essay Series:
Engineering bamboo – a green alternative under basic research Part 3
Professorship of Architecture and Construction Dirk E. Hebel
(Dirk E. Hebel, Felix Heisel, Alireza Javadian,
Mateusz Wielopolski, Simon Lee, Philipp Müller,
Karsten Schlesier)