Feature: Recent Sacred Space
BIG wins the Competition to Renovate Transitlager in Basel / Mateo Arquitectura and Dominique Perrault Architecture win the Lyon Confluence / West 8 Winner of Freiham Nord Urban and Landscape Planning Competition, Munich
Recent Sacred Space
Often one is surprised by a feeling of peacefulness when visiting a church, shrine, or temple. Is this because these buildings receive all equally, whether those who come hoping for comfort or those who come there accidentally?
This issue features Recent Sacred Space. It is a collection of 15 built works ranging from chapels to synagogues and a memorial for the victims of witch trials. Geographically it ranges from Nordic countries such as Norway and Finland to South American countries such as Brazil and Chile. The materials used in these works include wood, reinforced concrete, tiles, and PTFE.
Karla Britton notes in her essay that there was a historical trajectory in the history of modern architecture which emphasized forms that gave expression to the spirit. She also explains how the religious building type has often been a locus for advancement and innovation in modern architectural design. On the other hand, today one also sees designs which, while remaining consciously sacred buildings, seek to avoid any form of representation or specific religious symbolic system. How do people experience sacred space in the twenty-first century? (a+u)
Contemporary Sacred Architecture and
the Works of Master Architects of the 20th Century
Karla Britton
Avanto Architects
Chapel of St. Lawrence
Tabuenca & Leache Arquitectos
San Jorge Church
Karl Frey
Catholic Church in Dietenhofen
Synagogue LJG
Manuel Herz Architects
Jewish Community Center of Mainz
Königs Architekten
Parish Centre St. Francis
JKMM Architects
Viikki Church
Massimiliano Fuksas
Foligno Parish Complex
Paulo Mendes da Rocha
Our Lady of the Conceptions Chapel
JLCG Arquitectos
St. Antnio Church
Vicens + Ramos
Parish Center in Rivas-Vaciamadrid
Undurraga Devs Arquitectos
Retreat Chapel
Handel Architects
National September 11 Memorial
Peter Zumthor
Steilneset, Memorial for the Victims of the Witch Trials