Andrew Bromberg of Aedas
Envisioning a New Architecture
Asia is leading the central role of the world economy today. The Hong Kong office of Aedas, a worldwide design practice started from Europe, represents an important role for Aedas. Featuring the advanced design practice, Aedas Hong Kong and the leading architect, Andrew Bromberg, not only allows us to discover the various essence of architect roles, but also to discover the changes of design culture from Western, where the leading architectural culture is.
An introduction essay from Michael Speaks allows the readers to understand the pace of development in architecture, driven by market demand and economic situation, in the USA, Europe and especially in Asia. We also engaged Jun Mitsui, one of the well-known Japanese architects, to discuss their opinions on models of architectural practice within Asia context. (a+u)
Essay: The Design Hand and Mind of Andrew Bromberg
Michael Speaks
Selection of Works 2002February 2011
Conversation: Models of Architectural Practice
Andrew Bromberg and Jun Mitsui
Express Rail Link, West Kowloon Terminus
Civic, Cultural & Retail Complex
Sandcrawler Building
Pazhou Exhibition Complex
Discussion: Enhancing Creativity Through Teamwork
Andrew Bromberg and the Team
Dance and Music Center
Essay: Focus on Collaboration: Performing Arts Venues
Tateo Nakajima
Leningradsky Development
Chongqing Twin Towers
Sanya Residential Development
Capella Hotel and Residences
Zendai Bund International Finance Center
Kunming Cultural Development
Boulevard Plaza
Empire Tower / U-Bora Tower
Ocean Heights I
Al Reem Island Mixed-use Development
Jebel Hafeet Resort
Mixed-use Development of New Media
Arabian Performance Venue
Meet the Collaborators
Credits and Data
Andrew Bromberg Biography
The Team
Aedas Profile