Branding through the Architecture of the Audi Terminal
Interview: Markus Allmann
Design of the Audi Terminal
Interview: Dominique Boesch, CEO of Audi Japan
Cars in the Context of Society and the Environment
Green Architecture
Ecology and sustainability are established and increasingly important topics in architectural design. Today it seems almost impossible to discuss architecture without taking the environment into consideration.
Amid various approaches to sustainability, one that is recently seen more frequently is to literally cover roofs and walls with greenery so-called living roofs and living walls. This issue examines the advantages for sustainable design of this type of green architecture by introducing examples that range from simple roof gardens to a temporary pavilion, green houses and interior designs, and public architecture.
The new California Academy of Sciences building by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop has earned LEED Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. As a new home for a world-class natural sciences institution, it features a living roof as perhaps its most symbolic feature. But it is also based on comprehensive strategies for the efficient use of energy, as evidenced by the data in this issue for the use of natural light, heat, water, and recycled building materials.
We are already familiar with building materials like stone, wood, brick, steel, and concrete. Perhaps that list needs to be expanded to include plants as well.
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California Academy of Sciences
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