Memorial Writing:
In Tribute to Jeorn Utzon
Minoru Takeyama
Houses by Louis I. Kahn
Designing houses was a constant in the career of Louis I. Kahn. Even now his houses are still loved and lived in.
Over four weeks in 2008, we had the opportunity to photograph12 houses by Kahn. This issue illustrates the current state ofthese historic houses from his first house designed beforeWorld War II to the house completed as the last work duringhis lifetime with a new selection of images and many originaldrawings.
In the course of research for this issue, a series of drawingsdocumenting the design process of the Fisher House and a 40minute conversation tape between Kahn and Mrs. Fisher werefound in the basement of the Fisher House. They are included inthis issue.
We would like to express our special thanks to all of the presentowners who kindly allowed their homes to be photographed. Weare also indebted to William Whitaker, Curator of the Universityof Pennsylvanias Architectural Archives, which houses KahnsArchives, for his guidance in shaping the content of this issueand coordinating all on-site photography.
Reprint: Thoughts
Louis I. Kahn
Fisher House
Drawings: Design Development of the Fisher House
Conversation between Louis I. Kahn and Doris Fisher
A House within a House
Esherick House
Oser House
Roche House
Weiss House
Essay: Louis Kahn, From the Inside Out
George H. Marcus
Genel House
Wharton Esherick Workshop
Shapiro House
Korman House
Essay: Louis Kahn and the Art of Drawing a Room
Peter Kohane
Shaw House
Kahn House
Meyerson House