Wine and Architecture
Wine is a popular drink that is made all over the world. Manypeople are knowledgeable of the different wines and have theirpreferences. However, little is known about how wine is madeand how wineries operate as buildings. Recently, the conceptand contents of a traditional winery is changing substantiallyfrom the old, small-scale building type into ones withintegrated visitor centers and guesthouses. This issue featurescontemporary winery architecture around the world, introducingeighty wineries and accompanying facilities to exhibit the recenttransformation of wineries into buildings of entertainment anddisplay.
Essay: Building A Better Winery
Michael Webb
Wine Architecture: 73 Projects
Essay: Wine and its Path to Architecture
Marion Kuzmany, Kerstin Gust
Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners
Bodegas Protos
Alvaro Siza Vieira
Adega Mayor Winery
Tall and Taller
Vale dAlgares Winery
Essay: Designing the Contemporary Winery
Scott Johnson
Renzo Piano Building Workshop
La Rocca Winery
Interview with Renzo Piano, Bernard Plattner
La Rocca Winery
Interviewer: Yoco Fukuda-Noennig
RCR Aranda Pigem Vilalta Arquitectes
Bell-lloc Winery
Bearth & Deplazes Architekten
Winery Gantenbein, Flsch
Sebastian Mariscal Studio
Tercio Winery
Interview with Lloyd S. Nakano
Wine Story