Next Gene 20
Aodi Housing Project in Taiwan
As the development boom spreads from China to other parts ofAsia, it has begun to attract architects from all over the world.This trend is exemplified by a notable series of recent projectsin which local and international architects blend differentapproaches to a common theme.
This issue takes up one of these projects the Next Gene 20 residential project, which has been underway in Taiwan since 2007. Twenty architects (ten from Taiwan and ten from abroad)have been enlisted to design a total of 176 buildings. Via thisproject, we would like to explore the remarkable interactionsthat can arise from encounters that transcend national bordersand bring together a variety of different architectural cultures.
Basic Data of Next Gene 20
Interview with Yu-Tung Liu, General Principal
A Dialogue for New Architecture in Taiwan
Invited Architects
Project Calendar
Site Drawing
Final Phase Designs
Kengo Kuma & Associates
Aimai House
The Family (of) Wraps
David Chun-Tei Tseng / CitiCrafts
Terra Vista
Villa Palladio
Ray Chen Architecural Design Studio
Floating Courtyard
Toshiko Mori
FlexiVilla / FlexiVille
Shu-Chang Kung / AURA Architects and Associates
Radix House
Yung Ho Chang / Atelier Feichang Jianzhu
Triptych House
Irving Huang Architects & Associates
Latent Dragon
Essay: Next Gene of Taipei
Hsi-Wei Chou, Taipei County Governor
Essay: Achieving the Highest Building Quality in Taiwan
Ben Shah, PCM General Consultant
Fernando Martin Menis / Menis Arquitectos
House Aurum
Akihisa Hirata Architecture Office
Architecture Farm
Jay Wen-Chieh Chiu / A+B Design Group
The Elf on the Hilltop
Shen-Yuan Huang Architects & Planners / Feild Office
Monsoon Village
Kyle Chia-Kai Yang / Arctangent, Architecture + Design
The Stratus House
Bei-Lin: Shell under Copious Rain
The Twirl House
Hsueh-Yi Chien / CHIEN Architects & Associates
Kris Yao / ARTECH Architects and Associates
Hailim Suh / Himma Architecture
Ridge House
Yu-Tung Liu / AleppoZONE
Calligraphic House
Interview with Tony Lu, Project Developer
From the Ground Up