Exhibition Review: Sarah Sze
Book Review
Feature 1:
The Cistercian Abbey of Le Thoronet
In the 12th century, a Cistercian abbey was established in Provence, South France. The architecture, in a style based on the strict observance of the Cistercian Order, eliminated all decoration and consisted only of rough stones, which were, however, placed with extreme precision. The abbey subjected architectural elements to ultimate limitations, even bringing the sense of sight under control in its internal spaces. Today, centuries later, it continues to exert a compelling fascination on many architects.
In November 2007, we had the opportunity to photograph this marvelous architecture. In this issue, we introduce the Abbey of Le Thoronet, still immersed in its silence, and trace its significance for modern architectural history.
Essay: A Place Where Matter and Light are not yet Divided
Sou Fujimoto
Essay: Sacred Modern Architecture and the Abbey of Le Thoronet
Karla Britton
Feature 2:
Reconsidering the Museum
In the wake of the so-called Bilbao Effect, museum projects are being planned in cities around the world. In addition to the much-discussed economic impact of such museum buildings, this phenomenon has called into question the mission and thinking behind the institution of the museum itself. This issue of a+u features comments by directors and curators of leading museums and presents new currents in architectural exhibitions, curation, and ongoing museum projects. This issue also introduces Peter Zumthors latest work, the Kolumba, Art Museum of the Cologne Archdiocese.
Peter Zumthor
Kolumba, Art Museum of the Cologne Archdiocese
Exhibition: Peter Zumthor, Buildings and Projects 19862007
Directors and Curators of the Museums
The Museum of Modern Art
Barry Bergdoll
Miami Art Museum
Terence Riley
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
Brooke Hodge
Art Institute of Chicago
Joseph Rosa
Canadian Centre for Architecture
Mirko Zardini
Cit de larchitecture & du patrimoine Palais de Chaillot
Corinne Blier
Centre Pompidou
Frdric Migayrou
The Louvre-Lens
Olivier Meslay
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Poul Erik Tjner
Tate Modern
Sheena Wagstaff
Serpentine Gallery
Hans Ulrich Obrist
Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art
Peter Noever
Amsterdam Centre for Architecture
Maarten Kloos