Rogelio Salmona
Interview with Rogelio Salmona
4 April 2007, Bogota, Colombia
Interviewers: Ken Tadashi Oshima and Oscar Arenales-Vergara
House at Rio Frio Salmonas Own Weekend House
Essay: The Work of Rogelio Salmona
Kenneth Frampton
The Fundacion Cristiana Apartments Blocks
The Park Towers Residential Project
Alto de Pinos Residential Project
The State Guest House in Cartagena
Essay: Salmona in Retrospect
Hiroshi Naito
The Nueva Santa Fe Residential Complex and Urban Development
The Community Center for the Nueva Santa Fe Residential Complex
The Gabriel Garca Mrquez House
The National Archives of Colombia
Talks on Architecture and Cities
Rogelio Salmona
Postgraduate Building for the Human Sciences Faculty of the National University of Colombia
The Virgilio Barco Public Library
Altazor House
The Gimnasio Fontana School
Gabriel Garca Mrquez Cultural Center
Essay: Rogelio Salmona: The Architect and the Chaos
Recitation of a journey in the name of user participation and environmental compatibility: Rogelio Salmona, architect from the Tropics, encounters the Nordic architect Ralph Erskine
Oscar Arenales-Vergara
Series: New Relationship between Landscape Architecture and Urban Design Part 13
Land, air and water: the holistic world of English landscape architect, environmentalist Kim Wilkie
Lucy Bullivant