India Glocal Architecture
To speak about India may suggest rapidly transforming cities, a boom in high-rise buildings, and a vigorously advancing economy.
However, India, is a vastness not possible to encompass in one word: a way of life, a balanced self, a wealth of natural resources, vibrant colors, witty humor. All of these leave the visitor with unforgettable impressions.
It is the same for architecture: high technology, modern style, exploration of the possibilities of local materials, the renewal of traditional techniques and crafts, creating the maximum of expression with limited resources. We see these in the way that Studio Mumbai, uses various materials to craft simple refined architecture that refers constantly to the possibilities of its particular locale. In the ambition to control every aspect of this delicate combination we sense the presence of a specific context. In the hands of Matharoo Associates, the universal material concrete become unique volumes that catch the sun's rays, capture shadows, and evoke the unique atmosphere and quality of a site.
Most of the younger generation of architects received their architectural education overseas, and they ask: what can we do in India? Amid soaring land prices in a situation where it is difficult for young architectural practices to realize works, the encounter between globalization and local architecture Glocal Architecture presages the emergence of a new spirit in India.
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