Australia Living off the Land
The architects included in this issue express a profound relationship with the vast Australian landscape and have veritably established their own regional culture. Many houses and other projects shown in this selection are founded on the ideal of the Great Australian Dream of the detached house in the bush. While the architects share with other Australians a common cultural inheritance and love for the land, they do not respond to it in the same way, as is evidenced in the following pages. Beyond these differences of approach, all the projects demonstrate a finely tuned sensitivity to the site, a careful handling of materials, lucid plan typologies and other enduring modern virtues.
Essay: Small = Big, Islands + Space: New Australian Architecture
Philip Goad
Wendy Lewin & Glenn Murcutt
Lewin & Murcutt House
Interview: Thoughts on the Ecology of Architecture
Glenn Murcutt
Sean Godsell Architects
St Andrews Beach House
Future Shack
Durbach Block Architects
Holman House
Sixel Miller Cottage
Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects
Walmajarri Community Centre
Sheep House
Essay: A Fragile Habitation: Coming to Terms with the Australian Landscape
Chris Abel
Stutchbury and Pape
Beach House
John Wardle Architects
Vineyard Residence
Jackson Clements Burrows Architects
Cape Schanck House
OConnor + Houle Architecture
Heide Redevelopment
Gregory Burgess Architects
Twelve Apostles Visitor Centre
Donovan Hill
N House
Casey Brown Architecture
James-Robertson House
Troppo Architects
Retreat at Cap du Voltigeur