Project 069-349
This issue is a sequel to the first a+u MVRDV FILES Projects 002-209 published in 2002 (November 2002 Special Issue). It shows the amazing evolution of one of todays most stimulating and intriguing offices, which focuses simultaneously on the design of buildings and prototypes, on architectural research, and on urban problems. These files counterbalance the book KM3: Excursions on Capacities (Actar, 2005). While KM3 embodies reflection and a theoretical framework at the forefront of a new urbanism, this publication presents the chronology of projects in their environment without hiding or concealing the plain reality.
An interview with the three architectural leaders of MVRDV on three topics brings the reader closer to the mechanisms, to the convictions, to the optimism of MVRDV.
We could repeat the words of 2002:
A fabulous MVRDV monograph with an equally striking mission statement: What have they really conceived up to this point? What will they bring forth in the future? Can they be understood through the sequence of their projects that unfolds chronologically?
Effenaar (069)
Patio Island (071P)
Water Villas (071V)
Pyjama Garden (075)
Lloyd Hotel (085)
Parkrand Building (098)
Unterfhring Park Village (122)
Gemini Residence (129)
Interview Part 1: Office & Identity
Matsudai Cultural Village Center (147)
Edificio Mirador (178)
Barcode Haus (201)
Haus am Hang (208)
Mountain of Books (230)
Bjrvika Barcode Waterfront (236)
Forum Les Halles (243)
Interview Part 2: Research by Design
Casa de Historia (248)
Olympic Village NYC2012 (252)
Mt. Serpentine (255)
Market Hall (261)
European Patent Office (263)
Vredehofplein (269)
Long Tan Park (270)
Le Monolithe (274)
CCA (276)
Torre Huerta (285)
Swirl (295)
Anyang Peak (303)
Busan Cinema Complex (305)
Interview Part 3: Space Transformers
Teda Town (313)
Istanbul Waterfront (322)
Sky Village (323)
Sanpaolo IMI (327)
The Domes (328)
Monteluce (334)
Logroo Cubes (348)
Billboardbuilding (349)
Credits and Data
Firm Profile
Exhibition Review:
On the Cutting H_edge
Eric Ellingsen
New Relationship between Landscape Architecture and Urban Design Part 8
Landscape design is a quality of life issue: Martha Schwartz and Partners
Lucy Bullivant