Chile Deep South

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Chile Deep South

Since the changeover in Chiles democratic system in 1990, the country has been achieving stable economic growth. Consequently, the landscape has been transforming with the sudden construction of buildings in the suburbs, as well as the main cities. Moreover, economic stability has increased the demand for architectural projects and has nurtured architects with fresh ideas a developing educational environment. Within this context, we are presenting in this issue architecture through which one perceives the earth. Chile has a wide climate zone, providing great changes in the natural environment. Architects in Chile are building architecture in dialogue with nature that closely examines materials and blends into the landscape. They do not push a theory, but rather one can perceive their own distinctive identity. Perhaps it is at the end of the world that one can find currents of new architecture.

Essay: A Good Moment in Time
Fabrizio Gallanti and Francisca Insulza

Pezo von Ellrichshausen Architects
Rivo House
120 Doors

Cecilia Puga
Casa Baha Azul
San Francisco Lodge

Eduardo Castillo
Chapels of the Memory

Sebastián Irarrázaval
La Reserva House

Germán del Sol
Hotel Remota, Patagonia

Essay: At the End of the World
Alberto Sato Kotani

Alejandro Aravena
The Siamese Towers

Mathias Klotz and Magdalena Bernstein / Bernstein y Klotz Ltda
House-Studio Bernstein & Klotz

Polidura + Talhouk Arquitectos
Polgatti-Rivas House

Smiljan Radic
Copper House 2
Pite House

Juan Agustin Soza Abadie
Feuereisen House

Series: New Relationship between Landscape Architecture and Urban Design Part 5
Landscape as a Living Medium:
Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates
Lucy Bullivant