Hotel Habitats

New Globe Theater for New York by Foster and Partners
City of Design and Fashion Project by Jakob + Macfarlane
Metropol Parasol Project by Jrgen Meyer H.

Hotel Habitats

Many things are required in hotel design: an architecturecomfortable to take pleasure in a leisurely time, a design thatpersonify the excitement of the city, a special space that wouldbe an escape from everyday life offering warm hospitality.While architects and designers create enchanting spaces, theyalso insure an important aspect of the hotel its success as a business. To insure success, it is paramount to create a uniqueand special place, to give consideration to the surroundingenvironment and context, to produce a design that will evokean appealing hospitality. In this issue, we feature the design ofrecent hotels exploring captivating spaces to make alluringhospitality. We try to show in this issue the various facets andcharms of these hotels.

Essay: Hospitality Design
Richard H. Penner

Kerry Hill
The Lalu

Interview with Kerry Hill
Interviewer: Erwin J.S. Viray

King Roselli Architetti
ES Hotel

Karim Rashid
Semiramis Hotel

Lloyd Hotel

De Matos Storey Ryan
Cowley Manor Hotel & Spa

Marcio Kogan
Hotel Fasano

Essay: Radisson SAS Has Designs on the Future
Radisson SAS with Gordon McKinnon

Eva Jiricna
Hotel Josef

Hotel Q!

Fabio Novembre
UNA Hotel Vittoria

Essay: Successful Connections
Terry McGinnity + Akiho Murakami

17 Architects Dream Team
Hotel Puerta Amrica

Series: BuildingThinkTank
Part XXV: Puzzling about the Puzzle
Andrew MacNair