Ralph Erskine Living Legacy

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Ralph Erskine Living Legacy

The living legacy of Ralph Erskines architecture is embodied in his home and studio at Drottningholm, Sweden, as much alive today as when it was first completed in 1963. Erskine, now in his early 90s, has lived here with his family according to his own rational, humanistic design convictions and had continual contact with his adjacent office run by the energy of a younger generation inspired by his social and lucid vision of architecture.
His body of work spans six decades that traces a journey of an English architect who arrived in Sweden in 1939 to stay on to design houses, housing and entire communities. Beyond simply designing houses, Erskine continually sought to create homes in which the residents partake in the creative process, keeping the designs alive through their inhabitation.
This issue presents a broad cross-section of this work not simply as historic artifacts, but as a living creative process linked to both the past and future.

Interview: Ralph Erskine + Ken Tadashi Oshima
Reflections on Six Decades of Design

The Erskines Own House

Essay: Working with Ralph Erskine and his Office
Geoffrey Denton

The Box

Molin House

Ski Hotel, Borgafjll

Engstrm House

Gadelius House

Nordmark House

Essay: The Importance of Being Erskine
Dennis Sharp

Frescati, Stockholm University
Library and Students Centre
University Sport Hall
Law Student Building
University Hall, Aula Magna

Essay: Ralph Erskine on Extreme Environments Design
an Alternate Universe and a Rich Heritage for the Architects of the Future
Oscar Arenales-Vergara

St Grans Hospital Dining Room

Art Centre, Hedesunda

Essay: Belief in Tomorrows City
Personal Responsibility and Commitment in Urban Planning
Johannes Tovatt

Housing at Gyttorp

Housing at Hammarby

Housing at Barberaren

Housing at Nya Bruket

Housing at Jdras
Housing at Myrstuguberget

Housing at Byker

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