UN Studio's New Museum Project
Reforming the City - International Design Competition for the Trieste Waterfront


SOM Works: Photographs by Ezra Stoller:
Manufacturers Hanover Trust/New York
World Headquarters, Pepsi-Cola Company/New York
Heinz Research Center/Pennsylvania
Albright-Knox Art Gallery Addition/New York
McMath Solar Telescope; Kitt Peak National Observatory/Arizona
Headquarter of the Business Mens Assurance Co. of America/Missouri
Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University/Connecticut
Administrative and Resarch Headquarters of the Emhart Corporation/Connecticut
Oakland Alameda Coliseum/California
John Hancock Center/Illinois
Joseph H. Hirshhorn Museum/Washington D.C.

Interviews: Perspectives on SOM
Larry Oltmanns, SOM London Office
David Childs, SOM New York Office
Roger Duffy, SOM New York Office
Adrian Smith, SOM Chicago Office
Craig Hartman, San Francisco Office
Interviewer: Ken Tadashi Oshima

Facade Typology Study
Hi-Rise Plan Typology Study

Lever House Restoration
Concert Hall, Lincoln Center
Office Building, 350 Madison Avenue
Three Projects at Changi International Airport:Terminal 3/Terminal 2 Renovation/Changi International Railway Station
Training Facility, Kuwait State Police
Public Service Answering Center
Office Building, 505 5th Avenue
A Cathedral for the Catholic Diocese of Oakland
Train Station Renovation and Addition, Pennsylvania Station
Greenwich Academy, New Upper School/Library
World Trade Center Master Plan

Interview with Wilfried Wang
About the SOM Journal
Interviewer: Ken Tadashi Oshima

Energy Issues in SOM Buildings