Building Berlin 2002

Building Berlin 2002

Standing Slightly Out from the Fabric:
Some New Architecture in Berlin
Mary Pepchinski

Berlin General Map 2002/Berlin Area Map

Historical Maps/Aerial Photos: 1650--2002

Altes Museum (Old Museum)
Schauspielhaus (Theater)
Neue Wache (Royal Guardhouse)
Karl Friedrich Schinkel

Schinkel and Mies: Urban Perspective
Barry Bergdoll

DZ Bank Building
Frank O. Gehry

Museum Island, Berlin
David Chipperfield Architects

GSW Headquarters, Berlin
Fire and Police Station for the Government District Berlin
sauerbruch hutton architects

Potzdamer Platz Urban Water Project
Atelier Dreiseitl

Topography of Terror
International Exhibition and Documentation Center
Peter Zumthor

Embassy of the United States of Mexico
Teodoro Gonzlez de Len & J. Francisco Serrano

The Embassies of the Nordic Countries
Berger+Parkkinen Architekten

Bruno Tauts Own Residence
Garden City Falkenberg
Am Schillerpark Estate
Paul-Heyse-Strasse / Heinz-Bartsch-Strasse Housing Estate
Trierer Strasse Apartments
Bruno Taut

On the Reconstruction of Bruno Tauts Colored Architecture
Winfried Brenne

The New German Parliament, Reichstag/The Royal Netherlands Embassy in Berlin/Olympic Velodrome/Galeries Lafayette/The Jewish Museum/Debis Tower/Southern Friedrichstadt Area, International Buildings Exhibition/New National Gallery/Southern Tiergarten Quarter, International Buildings Exhibition/Philharmonic Hall
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