Juan Navarro Baldeweg

Juan Navarro Baldeweg

Juan Navarro Baldeweg
Essay: Figures of Light in the Light

Amanda Schachter and Alexander Levi
An Interview with Juan Navarro Baldeweg: One Exit in the Air and the Other in the Water

Resonance Chamber

Major Works
House of the Rain
Segura River Mills Hydraulics Museum and Culture Center
Conference and Exhibition Center, Salamanca
Addition and Library for the Woolworth Center of Music, Princeton University
Ministries of the Extremadura Government, Mrida
Mahn Courthouse
Culture Center in Villanueva de la Caada
University of Las Palmas, Faculties of Economics, Business and Law
Altamira Museum and Research Center

Essay: Caving Out: Juan Navarro Baldeweg's Intellectual Poetry
Amanda Schachter

The Canal Theatre
The Museum of Human Evolution


Exhibition: In Process
Herzog & de Meuron

Series: Japanese Scene 1
Niigata-City Performing Arts Center/Itsuko Hasegawa Atelier
Takeshi Ishido