Wooden Architecture

Wooden Architecture

Essay: The Development of a Building System
Jean Englebert

Kolonihaven Architectural Park

Mahler Gnster Fuchs
Multi-Storey Garage

Bernd Zimmermann
Kindergarten in Heilbronn
Kindergarten in Ludwigsburg

Christopher Platt
Millennium Hut

Shim-Sutcliffe Architects
Muskoka Boathouse
Moorelands Camp Dining Hall

Sean Godsell
Carter/Tucker House
Woodleigh School Art Faculty

Henning Larsen
Art Gallery and Summer Residence

Marcel Meili, Markus Peter Architects
Swiss School of Engineering for the Wood Industry

Tadao Ando
Komyo-ji Temple

Mario Botta
Wooden Model pf San Carlo alle Quattro Fantane in Roma

Series 2:A New Epoch Automated Design Tools for the Mass Customization of Housing
Kent Larson with Mark A. Tapia, and Jos Pinto Duarte