New Regionalism in Switzerland

Martin Steinmann & Giairo Daghini
Recent Architectures in Graubnden

Dolf Schnebli
Meyer Residence
Three Housings on the Sdstrasse
House No.41, Sdstrasse
House No.43, Sdstrasse
House No.45, Sdstrasse

Lorenzo Giuliani & Christian Hnger
Grisons College of Tourism

Valentin Bearth & Andrea Deplazes
School in Alvaschein
House in Jona

Ackermann Architekt
The Sidler House

Dieter Jngling and Andreas Hagmann
The Small House with Atelier
Chur School of Engineering and Architecture
New School and Community Center

Meinrad Morger & Heinrich Degelo
SBB Transformer Station

Conradin Clavuot
Substation Vorderpraetigau, Seewis
School and Multipurpose Complex