Maebashi Art Center Competition Scheme

Interview with Kumiko Inui

JA87 documents architect Kumiko Inui’s career, including six competition entries that were not realized. She sat down with JA+U and spoke about one such project, the Maebashi Art Center Scheme.

The Maebashi Art Center Competition asked architects to convert an existing, disused department building – located in the city center – into a public museum. Instead of altering the appearance of the building, architect Kumiko Inui proposed an unprecedented – at least in Japan – museum operation scheme where the citizens themselves curate the exhibitions. Ms. Inui, of course, designed the program and layout to support this unconventional concept.

JA+U : Interview with Kumiko Inui - Maebashi Art Center Competition Scheme © Office of Kumiko Inui

Competitions may or may not always lead to an actual project, but in the process, architects sometimes reach innovative concepts that they are able to apply to future projects.


JA87 Autumn 2012 is dedicated to a Tokyo-based architect: Kumiko Inui. This 144-page issue contains 26 of Inui's works, detailing her design process through numerous sketches, as well as detailed drawings and exclusive photography. Also included are three essays by and about Kumiko Inui.

JA+U : JA (Japan Architect) 87 - Kumiko Inui