Schinkel and Mies

Exhibition Report: Latent Utopias
Bergisel Ski Jump by Zaha Hadid Architects

Schinkel and Mies

Schinkel and Mies: Natures Perspective
Barry Bergdoll

Karl Friedrich Schinkel

Pomona Temple 1800-1801

Russian Colony Alexandrowka 1826-1827

Schlo Glienicke 1824-1832

Casino, Schlo Glienicke Park 1824-1825

New Pavilion 1824-1825

Schlo Tegel 1820-1824

Schlo Charlottenhof 1826-1833

Court Gardeners House 1829-1833

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Riehl House 1906-1907

Perls House 1911-1912

Concrete Country House Project 1923

Esters House 1927-1930

Hermann Lange House 1927-1930

Barcelona Pavilion 1929

Tugendhat House 1928-1930

Lemke House 1932-1933

Farnsworth House 1946-1951

The Meisterhauser Muche/Schlemmer in Dessau
Built by Walter Gropuis 19251926 History and Restoration
Winfried Brenne

Interview Series: Design Intelligence
Part 2: George Yu Architects
Michael Speaks

Series: BuildingThinkTank
Part XIV: Letter to Steven Holl
Andrew MacNair