Kumiko Inui Launch Event for JA 87

video interview with Kumiko Inui

JA87 features Inui’s built and unbuilt works ranging from her debut to her latest works now under construction. She granted JA exclusive access to her sketchbooks. The magazine contains many her sketches in addition to photographs and drawings of her architecture.

JA+U : Sketch of Flower Shop H by Kumiko Inui © Office of Kumiko Inui

Sketch of Flower Shop H by Kumiko Inui

Tokyo’s famed architectural bookstore Nanyodo generously hosted the event, and requested Ms. Inui create a special sketch to commemorate the occasion, as it has also done for famous architects in the past. Ms. Inui recreated the cover of JA87 by drawing a scene similar to the front cover, much to the bemusement of passersby.

JA+U : Kumiko Inui Launch for JA 87 © Shinkenchiku-sha

Afterward, we had a conversation with her about why she is such a prolific sketcher and how drawing is an important way for her to tap into new design ideas that may not be in her conscious thoughts.

Ms. Inui was part of the team headed by Toyo Ito that designed the Golden Lion-winning Japan Pavilion at this year’s Venice Biennale.