Interview with Jun Aoki : "Next Generation, Manifestations of Architects Under 35"

Jun Aoki recently collaborated with JA (the Japan Architect) by selecting the young designers featured in our latest summer issue: Next Generation - Manifestations of Architects Under 35. Here, Aoki talks about what makes this younger generation of Japanese architects different from their predecessors and the unique challenges they face as they build their careers.

Here are works by four of the young architects featured in this issue:

Secret Base in Kakuozan by HAP+
House of 33 Years by assistant
Memory Field by Dorell.Ghotmeh.Tane / Architects
Weekend House in Sengataki by o+h

Here are Shingo Masuda + Katsuhisa Otsubo and Chuo Archi talking about their projects featured in the magazine.

Models and drawings of the projects from the magazine are on display at 8/ Shibuya Hikarie in Tokyo, until August 6th, 2012. If you can't make it to Tokyo to see the exhibition, you can see images from the exhibition on our Facebook page.

Videos: Produced by 8/TV