Guest Video: Kanagawa Institute of Technology

This short film gives a highly atmospheric impression of what working in the space is like for the KAIT students during a typical day, now that a few years have passed since its completion. The field of impossibly slender steel columns that support the skylit roof are now enlivened by plants, assorted old furniture, tools, and student projects.

Preferring to harness the creative potential of a digital SLR camera, Hecht’s videography shows a unique level of technical sophistication, particularly the camera movements. He uses a sliding dolly and even a small crane for a couple of the shots. 
JA+U spoke to Hecht, who recently returned to Japan to continue documenting Japanese architecture. He told us that he sees “this and my other experimental films as part of a collection that simply mixes the Japanese city soundscape, a good soundtrack, and the motion of the camera."
"After my first attempt to document the work of young japanese architects for a 30-minute documentary, I tried to find a new style of filmmaking to synthesize the strange experience that you can get, inside such buildings.”


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