This website is the official online store of a+u (Architecture and Urbanism) magazine, owned by Shinkenchiku-sha Co., Ltd. 

In collaboration with Japanese-language titles— Shinkenchiku (New Architecture), Jutakutokushu (Special Housing), and JA (The Japan Architect)— that uniquely offer an insider's look at the latest in Japanese architecture, a+u presents high-quality architecture and urban works judiciously gathered from across the globe. We shoot nearly all of our own photography within Japan, and maintain an extensive photographic archive. 

About Shinkenchiku-sha

Since 1925, Shinkenchiku-sha Co., Ltd. has been Japan’s leading architectural publisher. The company’s periodicals include: Shinkenchiku (New Architecture), Jutakutokushu (Special Housing), and JA (The Japan Architect). With its sister company, A+U Publishing Co., Ltd., the company is expanding to offer its diverse contents to a broad network of architects and designers across the globe.

About our Periodicals


First published in January 1971, a+u – Architecture and Urbanism – is an architectural magazine in Japanese and English that provides information on architecture around the globe to a global readership. As Japan's only monthly periodical dedicated to disseminating information on architecture around the world, a+u has been widely and actively read by the architecture community since its inaugural issue. The magazine's research network extends around the globe, covering more than 100 countries. It features direct reporting on individual architects in various countries, and each issue is edited from a unique perspective to efficiently deliver the latest trends to readers. In addition, essays penned by architects, critics and historians help guide thinking on tomorrow's architecture, greatly influencing the industry inside and outside Japan.




One of Japan's leading architecture journals. First published in August 1925. Since its inaugural issue Shinkenchiku New Architecture – has been endorsed by innumerable architects for its detailed presentation of contemporary Japanese architecture with high quality photos, plans and drawings. Over time the journal has developed a unique perspective, constantly communicating new trends in architectural thought and design. The activities of architects have expanded in recent years to encompass urban development, the environment and a host of other fields. Architects are increasingly making contributions to society in the broad sense by exploring the possibilities of modernity through architectural expression. The journal will continue to carefully consider such developments and visually convey the potential of architecture with photos taken and published by our Photography Department.


Jutaku Tokushu


First published as a quarterly journal in May 1985. Published monthly starting in May 1986. Every issue of Jutakutokushu Special Housing – introduces and interprets ten or more houses with beautiful photography and detailed plans. The houses are approached as vehicles for architectural insight, proposals for new ways of living and showcases for various techniques and technologies. From the start the journal has striven to meet the professional needs of residential designers and architects while also appealing to the interests of a broader readership. Jutakutokushu will continue to straightforwardly communicate the diverse values of the house as a class of architecture intimately linked to day-to-day living.




JA – The Japan Architect – was first published in June 1956 and was the only English language periodical that introduced Japanese architecture to an overseas audience. Since 1991 it has been published as a quarterly journal in both Japanese and English, expanding its readership both inside and outside of Japan. Today's JA showcases contemporary Japanese architecture with in-depth commentary on the theoretical history and context of the projects. It is organized with an emphasis on developments originating in Japan. The magazine surveys the country's diverse, ever-changing architectural scene, identifies important trends to convey to a wider audience outside Japan, takes up current, compelling issues and considers the latest architectural trends.


Special Issues, Extra Editions, Books, Catalogs and Promotional Newsletters

In addition to the above periodicals we also publish extra editions like Nihon no Kenchiku Kukan (Japanese Architectural Space), Japanese Houses: The First Decade of the Century and Mitsubishi Ichigokan (Mitsubishi Building No. 1), special issues that feature detailed plans and drawings such as Takenaka Design Works 2001-2010, large-format monographs for architects like Kenzo Tange and Masako Hayashi, and informative architecture-related books, including NHK Dream Museum: 100 Works of World Architecture and Multifamily Housing Unit by Unit. While our periodicals are meant to be highly current, these publications approach architecture from a more chronological standpoint while also touching on peripheral fields.

In addition to these consumer publications, we also create promotional newsletters for corporations and architectural organizations, commemorative publications and catalogs on contract. We draw on our extensive photo archive and widespread network in the architecture industry to create materials that continually garner high praise from clients.

Digital Content

Through Shinkenchiku Online, we distribute digital content in Japan with an emphasis on architecture videos and tie-ins with our publications.